Explore the Hidden Gem: Gili Meno Island Ultimate Guide

How to Get There: 2 hour ferry from Padang-Bai in Bali

Best Time to Visit: Perfect weather during June to early October, best deals and low crowds during October to May

Things to Do: Beach clubs, snorkel, and relax

Fun Fact: There is a large saltwater lake in the middle of the small island.

Have you ever wanted to spend your holiday somewhere so peaceful and lovely that you wouldn’t wish to leave? And if you think Lombok and Bali are too crowded for your next holiday, you should consider visiting Gili Meno Island. Tucked away among the Gili Islands, Indonesia, Gili Meno is the smallest and most tranquil of the three, with fewer visitors, offering the tiny, secluded tropical island vibe. It’s a peaceful escape for honeymooners and those seeking an escape from all the crowds or the daily hustle and bustle. 

Here’s the ultimate guide you need to read before visiting Gili Meno Island: including the island’s appeal, the best time to visit Gili Meno, things to do, and how much it costs to discover the best experience in Gili Meno Island.

Why You Should Visit Gili Meno Island

Gili Meno’s serenity comes in its natural beauty that spans alluring beaches, pristine waters, and lush landscapes—all of which you’ll find in every nook and cranny of the island’s 5.3 square miles. The quiet is no doubt what makes the area perfect for deep rest and relaxation, along with calming beautiful beaches as your common sight.

Aside from its beautiful nature, you can also engage in many activities, from diving around the renowned Gili Meno Statues to biking along the coastline, all of which is l worth your time and money.

Best Time to Visit Gili Meno Island

In Indonesia, the dry season usually lasts from April to October, including areas like Java and Bali. If you’re seeking a peaceful tropical island getaway, the ideal time to go to Gili Meno is during the dry season and its quieter months, typically between April and June or September and October. 

Wet season can also be your alternative to go visit Gili Meno, offering you a less busy trip and cheaper accommodation rates. You would love to enjoy the warm tropical rain on this island, but don’t forget to carry a waterproof jacket, umbrella, and extra pieces of clothing during this season.

Things to Do in Gili Meno Island

There are many rewarding and rejuvenating activities you can do in Gili Meno, from exploring underwater worlds and their natural appeal to discovering local cuisine. You might want to rent a bicycle to bike around the island or just sit around in beach bars enjoying the sunset. Walking around the whole Gili Meno area can also be a great consideration as it takes only around 90 minutes in total.

  • Snorkelling and diving

Nothing can beat snorkelling and diving if you want to explore Gili Meno’s vibrant marine ecosystem. Gili Meno Statues is a must-visit underwater site where you can see a beautiful piece of art acting as the artificial reef for marine life.

  • Relaxing on the beaches

When arriving at Gili Meno, you will immediately notice how clear blue the ocean water is. This might be the best sneak peak into this island’s heavenly beaches, making you want to go a little further into the north part of this island where the best beach with superb landscape lies.

Every side of Gili Meno has its own paradise, but you might want to firstly try going to the north/northeast part of the island to enjoy the nice beach in front of Seri Resort. Heading the northern end of Gili Meno, you will see across to Gili Trawangan and take a glimpse of Bali’s Mount Agung in the background. Then, help yourself with the beach bars and restaurants in the west coast of Gili Meno coast, where you can enjoy cold beers and tasty meals while taking in serene sunset moments.

  • Exploring the wildlife

Located just a short stroll from the beach and boat docks, you’ll find a mini turtle sanctuary, which is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts. For those looking for a more leisurely activity and occasional sightings, the island’s large saltwater lake and mangrove forest, referred to as Kawasan Ekowisata Mangrove Gili Meno, is just a minute’s walk westward. You can enjoy a chance to spot tropical birds and wildlife such as migratory cattle egrets, blue kingfishers, and eagles that casually fly around the lake and forest area.

  • Local cuisine and dining experiences

There are sufficient choices for eating out in Gili Meno—best believe you won’t ever be hungry and left unsatisfied here. There are some restaurants and many small family-run warungs, or food stalls, that will pamper your taste bud with their best local cuisine. There are some warungs in the area around where the boats arrive that serve local cuisine you can choose, but it’s better to go deeper in the center of the island for the best ones. 

One of the top places you can try is Tip of the Tongue Warung, specialised in Indonesian food and delicious fresh seafood. Other Indonesian food specialist options are Pak Man Warung and Simpang 3 Warung. If you prefer international or western food, Adeng-adeng Beach Restaurant and Bar can be your best bet complete with the gorgeous tropical views of Gili Meno. Here you can fulfil your craving for a burger meal or even delightful thin crust pizza. Bask Beach Club can also be your higher end option with their open-plan kitchen and a wide range of international dishes.

How Much Does Gili Meno Island Cost?

If you are on a budget, Gili Meno Island can be quite affordable for you. There will be no major expenses to prepare other than the ferry from Bali. For your convenience, make sure to bring enough cash to Gili Meno since you will only find two ATMs on the island.. So, what other costs do you need to note for your trip to Gili Meno?

There is a range of accommodation options for you to consider. At the high end, you can choose to budget around  $150 USD / IDR 2,200,000 per night in a hotel. You can also stay in smaller guest houses or homestays for about $30 USD or IDR 470,000 per night and some offer up to 50% off during the low season. 

Meals are pretty cheap in Gili Meno, typically around $5 USD or IDR 78,000 per person. If you want to spend your holiday snorkelling, you can rent a mask, snorkel and flippers from a hotel or beach warung for about $10 USD or IDR 160,000 a day. Taking a ferry from Bali is only around $19-$35 USD depending on the transport company you choose. If you want to travel between Gilis, you can try the official island-hopping service, or which you can check the schedule at the harbour, by paying $2.50 USD or about IDR 40,000. You can pay a local fisherman or tour operator to take you by boat. 

That’s things you need to know before having a tropical trip to Gili Meno Island. Want to make the most of your travels? Check our Instagram @mygilitrip and learn more about the curated insider guide to discover Gili Islands!