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Off the northwest coast of Lombok, the Gili Islands comprise of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air - these islands boast a leisurely lifestyle, pristine white sandy beaches, and mesmerising crystal blue waters teeming with vibrant underwater wonders. Gili Trawangan, the largest and most popular island in this celebrated archipelago, offers vibrant nightlife with diverse restaurants and bars, making it a must-visit destination for wanderlust-filled travellers.

GIli Trawangan
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Things To Do On Gili Trawangan

Asked Questions

There are direct boat services from Bali and Lombok to the Gili Islands.

Fast boats depart daily from Padang Bai (Southeast Bali), Serangan (South Bali) and Amed (North East Bali) with an average crossing time between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.

Flights from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport to Lombok International Airport take about 40 minutes followed by a 2 hour taxi ride to Bangsal harbour in Northwest Lombok and lastly, a local boat to the Gili Islands for a further 20-30mins.

Tip: book your fast boat ferry a few days in advance to avoid missing out in high season.

Passengers departing from Padang Bai are subject to a harbour tax of 10,000 IDR per person to be paid at the ticket booth in the waiting area near the jetty. Additionally, a fee of 10,000 IDR per person must be paid upon arrival at the Gili harbours.  When leaving from the Gili Islands, there is a harbour tax payment of 20,000 IDR per person to be paid at check in. 

These taxes are not included in the ticket price. 

Tip: Remember to carry enough cash to cover these taxes!

The Gili Islands have a 'no motor' ethos, encouraging a slower pace of life and minimising pollution. Cars, trucks, buses, and scooters are conspicuously absent. 

Upon arrival at the Gili Trawangan port, you'll encounter Cimodo, quaint horse-drawn carriages ready to assist with transporting you and your luggage to your accommodation and moving around the island as needed, usually priced around 100,000 IDR per trip.

Besides walking, the most convenient way to explore the Gili Islands is by bicycle. Tourists favour bicycles due to the islands' small size, providing a comfortable and enjoyable biking experience. 

Rental rates vary, typically falling within the range of IDR 50,000 to IDR 100,000 per day depending on size and type of bicycle. You can usually rent from your accommodation or from a rental shop.

There are limited electric scooters available for rental.

Tip: Remember to use the bicycle lock provided as you may be responsible for replacing the bicycle if it’s lost or stolen

The weather and temperature in Gili is typically warm and dry. The traditional rainy season spans from November to April, but on an average day, it hovers around 29 degrees Celsius. Compared to Bali, these islands receive considerably less rainfall, making it a worthwhile destination even during the wet season.

There are two peak seasons: December to January and July to August. These are certainly the best times to travel given the dryer climate, but they can be the busiest as well.

Tip! Don’t be afraid to book your trip in the non-peak seasons to enjoy a quieter holiday as most all attractions are still open.

Cats can be spotted lounging and dozing off almost everywhere you go. Interestingly, dogs are conspicuously absent on the Gili islands. This is not due to a dislike for dogs among the island's residents; rather, it's a measure to prevent overpopulation.

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